Four talented authors present a quartet of feisty heroines, dashing heroes and a pinch of scandal in this collection of highly sensual novellas that move from ballrooms to smuggler's dens, dangerous charades to humorous masquerades.

The English coast is the setting for Dodd's "The Lady and the Tiger." When Laura Haver hunts for her brother's killer, she walks straight into a smuggler's den and even poses as the infamous spymaster Keefe Leighton's wife to get her revenge. But she's totally unprepared for the danger of falling into Keefe's bed as he plays a sexy game of cat and mouse with her.

Lady Fiona thinks she's helping a friend escape a boring house party in Laurens' delicious "Melting Ice." But this is no ordinary country party: It's one where debauchery is high on the menu. Only the quick intervention of Dyan St. Laurent Dare can save the lady. But then Dyan will do almost anything to make Fiona his bride.

Alfred Knight avoids scandal like the plague, which is why he agrees to marry respectable Bettina Trapp, though he hardly knows her. Reluctant to marry "Alfred the Odious," Bettina convinces her identical twin sister, Kitty, to take her place. Kitty is in for more than one surprise when she becomes Mrs. Knight, including falling in love. But what will happen if he discovers her secret? That's what makes Bradley's "The Wedding Knight" such a delight.

Though he has a well-earned reputation as a rake, Rennick St. James, the Earl of Parnell, has been in love with Julia Hamilton for years. Now a widow set to wed in four days, she's free game for his plan to seduce the proper lady into running away for a last fling in LaFoy's "The Proposition." VERY SENSUAL (May, 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin