Image of My Scandalous Viscount (Inferno Club)


Image of My Scandalous Viscount (Inferno Club)

For the Inferno series Foley has created a cast of characters readers adore, and plotlines that captivate with lots of passion, danger, emotional intensity and romantic adventure. Readers won’t be able to resist these gems of the genre in this latest edition, with its dashing hero, intrepid heroine and sprightly humor.

Lady Carissa Portland does not consider herself a snoop; she is “a lady of information.” She quickly learns eavesdroppers must beware, when she overhears a bit of news and tries to rescue Viscount Beauchamp from a scandal. When Beau realizes Carissa is poking around, he defers to his rakehell reputation and steals a kiss — which places them in a compromising situation. He may be a notorious rogue, but he’ll do the honorable thing and marry her. Carissa can’t deny her attraction. However, when she discovers the truth about the Inferno Club and that Beau is caught in a tangle, they’re off on a perilous adventure that leads to passion and danger. (AVON, Oct., 350 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin