After her homeland is pillaged by the infamous pirate Willet D'Parteau, Anne Caldwell has no choice but to kidnap buccaneer Captain James McQuaid and convince him to track D'Parteau down.

Disguised as a cabin boy, Anne joins James' crew as he sails after the enemy. When they are captured by D'Parteau and set adrift, Jamie and Anne find themselves in a dire situation.

Rescued by a dolphin they name Lucky, the two end up on a deserted island that becomes their own private Garden of Eden. Their romantic interlude comes to an abrupt halt with the arrival of Jamie's crew. Suddenly they become different people than the lovers on Dolphin Island.

MY SEASWEPT HEART is a refreshing, original, not-to-be-missed read! Christine Dorsey skillfully whets the reader's appetite for the final novel in her McQuaid brothers trilogy. SENSUAL (Nov., 423 pp., $4.50)

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