Image of My Soul to Keep (Moon Chasers, Book 4)


Image of My Soul to Keep (Moon Chasers, Book 4)

Kohler tells a story about finding love in the midst of darkness and evil. Sorcha and Jonah are well-developed characters with a shared history and passionate chemistry, but there is not much for them to do. Superfluous characters and a shapeless plot hinder what would otherwise be a great read.

Sorcha grew up in a sadistic world of her father’s making. His right-hand man, Jonah, was the only person who ever showed young Sorcha kindness, and years later the two rediscover each other. Sorcha is a widowed beauty seeking vengeance for her husband’s murderer, while Jonah is protecting the very person she wants to kill. But they are unable to deny their long-suppressed passion. When their lives are at stake, Sorcha and Jonah must learn to accept their differences if they are to be together at long last. (POCKET, Sep., 341 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cristina Merrill