Image of My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers, Book 4)


Image of My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers, Book 4)

This is the kind of book that ups the ante in teen literature. The characters are true to life in a way not often captured by YA authors; Vincent writes dialogue as if she spends her days haunting the hallways of her local high school. The love triangle is fantastic — the plot weaving is subtle enough that the reader feels let in on a secret. Rather than blind heroism, which seems to have been the major motivation for action in past Soul Screamers novels, this plot is driven by more relatable impulses: love, friendship, jealousy.

Still reeling from Nash’s frost-fueled betrayal, Kaylee Cavanaugh is hoping for a quiet second semester to catch her breath. But she and her friends are in for another hellish adventure when Nash’s creepy ex-girlfriend shows up. Sabine is literally a nightmare, and she’s got nothing to lose; she wants Nash back and she’s willing to do anything to make that happen, including tormenting Kaylee and flirting with Netherworld demons. (HARLEQUIN TEEN, Jan., 352 pp., $9.99, ISBN: 9780373210275, PB, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Ellen Parsons