The last time Annie O'Toole saw Sam McKade, he was using another name and sailing into the sunset after breaking off their affair. Now on TV, Sam is seen rescuing a busload of children from certain death. While the children are saved, Sam is badly injured. The worst injury turns out to be a head wound that causes amnesia.

Before the accident Sam, a Navy SEAL, was on his way to brief his superiors about a possible traitor in their midst. Now that vital information is locked in Sam's head, which leaves both Sam and the government vulnerable. As luck would have it, Annie is a physical therapist and co-owner of the exclusive Summerwind spa and resort where the government plans to hide Sam while he recuperates. It will take all of Annie's skills to help this wounded warrior recover physically as well as mentally. The only snag is that Annie is not allowed to inform Sam of their previous relationship, which makes touching and caring for him subtle torture. Finding the key to unlock the secrets in Sam's memory is a race against time: the government has little patience and the traitor is making plans to silence Sam permanently.

Great romance and thrills are hallmarks of Christina Skye novels, and MY SPY fits this pattern to a T. Ms. Skye knows how to blend romance, humor, passion and danger to give readers a thoroughly exciting read. (Feb., 363 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith