Colin Thorne was orphaned after his parents' brutal murder. Losing his brothers to a fate not even he understands, the eight-year-old boy swore to find them again.

Twenty-one years later, Colin is one of the best sea captains with the Remington Shipping Line. When the Earl of Weybourne doubts his new sailing record, Colin decides to meet him.

The Earl doesn't pose as much threat as his niece, Mercedes Leyden. When she can't convince Colin not to meet her uncle, she smashes him over the head and ties him up.

Colin is charged with the missing Earl's murder and becomes a prisoner in Weybourne Park, the home of Mercedes and her cousins. When the Earl appears and asks Mercedes for 2,000 pounds, the defeated girl is forced to "sell" her body to Colin.

It isn't until evil Marcus Severn charges his cousin Mercedes with murder and has her thrown in jail that Colin realizes he may be in love with her. Through murder, fires, kidnappings and star gazing, Mercedes and Colin forge a deep love more lasting than the pain in each of their hearts.

Ms. Goodman has woven a story of two lost souls who almost pass each other in the night. Ms. Goodman's passionate words will leave many readers with sweet dreams and less than innocent fantasies. SENSUAL (March, 413 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Natalie Rebecca Robin