With two broken engagements behind her, heiress Penelope Westmoreland is resigned to marrying the old, lecherous Earl to satisfy her father. Then she is unexpectedly rescued by American Lucas Pendleton.

Lucas cannot believe his immediate good fortune. He has come to England to avenge his sister and see that her childs father, Westmoreland, recognizes their sonnow he has leverage for blackmail if necessary.

Luke doesnt count on falling in love or wanting to marry his sworn enemys daughter. But Penny is warm, loving, adventurous and so beautiful that Luke nearly forgets his purpose. The love that grows between them is Lukes undoing. But what happens when Penny discovers his original purpose? Will he have to turn to her father to win her back?

Its the strong and appealing characters that take MY TRUE LOVE out of the ordinary. Readers will believe they truly know Penny and Luke as well as a cast of engaging people who help them along the way. Though the plot line is not new, the freshness of Ms. Holts prose will certainly have readers coming back for more. SENSUAL (Mar., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin