Gabel de Amalville has been ordered by King David of Scotland to bring the outlaw laird Duncan MacNarren to heel. Opportunity presents itself in the form of the laird's daughter, Ainslee, whom he promptly captures.

Ainslee is like no other woman Gabel has known. Trained in the art of warfare, she meets him with sword drawn.

When Ainslee arrives at Gabel's estate, Bellefleur, her treatment as an honored guest and the servants' belief that Sir Gabel has saved her from the desolate life she lived at her father's hands startles her. And try as she might, she cannot control her growing respect for him nor her rampant emotions.

Regardless of his original intent, Gabel's heart will not be denied. Others scheme for another bride to wed Gabel and do whatever they must to thwart his plans. When King David sends Gabel on a final quest to destroy the MacNarren, Gabel struggles to save Clan MacNarren and Ainslee from those who plot their slaughter.

MY VALIANT KNIGHT is a medieval and Scottish lover's treasure. Ms. Howell has succeeded in capturing the essence of Scotland in her adventurous and heartwarming story. VERY SENSUAL (Jan., 317 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox