Holliway Finch, fights for what she believes in the only way she knows how--with a printing press and the truth! When her father and other innocents are slaughtered on St. Peter's Field during a peaceful march protesting the injustices of Parliament, Holly takes it upon herself to see that the truth is revealed.

Her quest for vengeance and truth, however, leads her straight into the arms of a powerful lord of Parliament, one bent upon protecting the English government and what he believes in. Charles Sterling, Earl of Everingham is determined to capture the upstart Captain Spindleshanks. His plans go awry when his men arrest a beautiful and outspoken lady, who in no time at all succeeds in turning his life upside down.

Not one to be easily thwarted, Charles will use whatever means necessary to bring the troublemaker, Spindleshanks, to heel, even if it means using the lovely Holly Finch to do so.

Kept under house arrest at Everingham Hall as a means of luring her notorious "husband" out of hiding, Holly plays a dangerous game. Drawn deeper into the tangled web she weaves, Holly knows she will lose the man she loves when he discovers the truth.

Storyteller extraordinaire Linda Needham gifts readers with a tale to savor. Funny and heart-wrenching, MY WICKED EARL will bring a tear and a smile as you lose yourself within the pages of this enchanting love story. Charles is a man haunted by a past he cannot outrun. He longs for love and a family, something he thought lost to him before Holly tore down the barriers he had erected and filled his soul with love and peace. SENSUAL (Aug., 378 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor