By reissuing one of Meagan McKinney's earliest books, Zebra gives romance readers a chance to savor some of her best works again.

Scottish heiress Kayleigh Kerr is forced to flee her home to avoid being murdered by her vile cousin, Straught. Danger stalks her all the way to New Orleans where Kayleigh survives by picking pockets. All the while she dreams of revenge and reclaiming her birthright.

Desperate for funds, Kayleigh carelessly picks St. Bride Rerringer's pocket. Instead of turning her over to the police, he befriends the wildly beautiful urchin and offers his home as a refuge. St. Bride finds it hard to believe her wild stories of a highland castle and an evil murderer.

Kayleigh falls under St. Bride's sensual spell until the day she sees him with Straught. Believing that St. Bride is in league with her enemy, Kayleigh rejects his love and sets out to avenge her family's deaths. Her plans to destroy Straught bring her to the brink of disaster and only St. Bride can save her.

MYWICKEDENCHANTRESS is a powerful and beautifully written love story. Ms. McKinney engages your emotions and draws you into a lush, passionate tale to treasure. SENSUAL (May, 404 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances Trainor