When widow Mary Kate Bennet is struck by the Earl of Sanferhurst, Archer St. John's carriage, the reclusive earl takes her in. Following the accident, Mary begins having visions-startling revelations and images from the Earl's first wife's mind, the woman it is whispered he killed.

Wondering at Mary Kate's knowledge of his wife, Archer forces Mary Kate to help him solve the 10-year-old mystery and clear his name of any suggestion of foul play. Archer soon finds it difficult to keep his mind on their investigation as their attraction grows. Mary Kate also wonders just what part Archer may have played in his wife's death and why she has been "asked" to keep him from danger by his first wife's spirit.

Drawn together by their investigation and the strange kinship they feel, Mary Kate and Archer have opened a Pandora's box by first following the visions and then by falling in love. What might have been a beautiful fantasy romance can take a deadly turn.

Combining the Regency era's allure with the paranormal, Karen Ranney crafts a riveting romantic mystery sure to please old-fashioned Gothic fans and new readers alike. She knows how to make the pages sizzle in a mystery that demonstrates her talents to the fullest. This lady is headed for stardom! SENSUAL (Feb., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin