After the death of her father, Rose Larkin sets sail from New York for Ireland with her Aunt Kate to fulfill her aunts dream of becoming an adventuress.

While Rose is charmed with Dublin, she is disheartened by the failure of Kates arrangements. However, Cullen OBanyon, the wealthy owner of a horse farm, takes Rose under his wing when he finds she is to be an adventuress. Hes never seen a more unlikely person to fill such a role. He senses that Rose and Kate need someone to watch over them and becomes their mentor.

As the threesome travel throughout Ireland, Cullen and Rose find themselves attracted to each other, with Kate cheering on the relationship. When Rose catches influenza Cullen brings her to his farm where she meets his children and recovers.

Cullen wants nothing more than to make Rose his, but he doesnt want to interfere with her goal of becoming an adventuress. Rose can think of nothing better than to settle down with Cullen and his children at the farm, and leave adventuring to someone else.

The characters tend to be stereotyped, and the dialogue a little wooden. There are times when Rose speaks her mind, but not on the important issue of her future. Cullens secretiveness about ownership of the farm is a bit confusing, as is Kates idea of adventuring. There are some very funny scenes in the dance hall, and with Roses naivete in various situations. And a happy ending is always enjoyable. SWEET (Dec., 372 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner