Image of My Wildest Ride


Image of My Wildest Ride
The Martini Dares miniseries continues with the story of Lindsay Beckham, the owner of Boston bar Chassy, who recently discovered she has three half-sisters. Raised by adoptive parents who didn't love her, she's learned never to share her secrets with anyone and hasn't even told her sisters about her troubled background. Now Lindsay is being blackmailed by a woman who knew her when her life was out of control. Denver Langston, who's temporarily working in the bar, is attracted to Lindsay but knows something is wrong. Can he convince her to trust him enough to help her? My Wildest Ride (4), by Isabel Sharpe, is moving and heartwarming. Lindsay's growth as she dares to trust Denver and her sisters is poignant, and Denver's a wonderful hero.
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Page Traynor