As a shipbuilders daughter who married into the nobility, Fleur has always been an outcast. Few know the cruel abuses she suffered at her husbands hands and fewer still realize how scared she is to return to London for her beloved step-daughters debut.

It is by pure coincidence that she meets Lord Atticus Hartshire on the road. Atticus is taken with Fleur, but he never anticipates that they will meet again in society.

As Atticus watches Fleur face the cruel snubs of the ton, he decides to be her savior. As his alter ego, the Specter (a well-known spy), he secretly whispers words of advice and encouragement. He even finds an extraordinary dressmaker who looks into Fleurs heart and sees a strong, loving woman.

Atticus, Fleur, and her step-children are tied together in ways they never expect as the pieces of a puzzle surrounding a deceased lord begin falling into place. To prevent disaster, they must work against the clock to expose a secret society of traitors.

Readers will be immediately captivated by the full blooded characters Ms. Lansdowne has created: the courageous Fleur, the huge-as-Mt Olympus Atticus and even the adorable pet dormouse who adds just the right touch of humor to the story. Ms. Lansdowne delves deeply into the heart to tap into readers emotions. In her first foray into the long historical romance, she makes an indelible mark. SENSUAL (Apr., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin