Premier Indian romance writer Rosanne Bittner begins a new series of historical novels centering on Native American life, culture and history. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of the Sioux, she spins a tale of a time before the white man encroached on the Siouxs landa time of the magic, mystical white buffalo.

A vision foretells that Stalking Wolfs destiny is to wed Star Dancer. She has seen the sacred white buffalo and their union will bring the People through trying times.

Star Dancer is young and unwilling to marry, even a warrior as brave and handsome as Stalking Wolf. She does not wish to leave her tribe or make the journey to Stalking Wolfs camp. But in the end shemust follow the visions prediction.

Slowly she makes her adjustment to her new family and the marriage. But she makes enemies as well, who wish the newlyweds harm and whose jealousy causes pain and sorrow for Stalking Wolfs family.

Time goes by and it becomes evident that the Black Hills is no longer only Indian territory. White settlers begin moving onto the Siouxs land. It is their destiny to bring their people into a new era.

MYSTIC DREAMS embodies the Native American spirit and portrays a time of change with sensitivity, accuracy and a true sense of the cultural and mystical aspects of a proud people. Rosanne Bittners stories are powerful because she creates memorable characters who enlighten readers as they rekindle the magical spark that belonged to the first people to love this land. SWEET (Apr., 380 pp., $5.99—Hardcover published April 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin