In the year since receiving a life-saving bone marrow transplant, Carter Greyson has discovered that he is changing physically as well as mentally. His formerly curly brown hair is now jet black and his bone structure has sharpened, displaying more of his Native American roots. Most disturbing of all are the continual, eerie wolf howls that haunt him. Maybe if Carter can track down his anonymous bone marrow donor, he can discover what is causing these changes.

After believing for years that the man who saved her life when she was shipwrecked on a remote Washington island was dead, Dr. Arielle Scott is thrilled to discover that he may be still alive. She is determined to find Mack Shoalwater, who had been banished to a deserted island after being accused by members of his Saquinnish Indian tribe of stealing the Wolf Clan House Post. When Arielle first lays eyes on Carter, she is struck by his uncanny resemblance to Mack. Is Carter's metamorphosis somehow tied to the Wolf Clan?

Reuven Jaye is dismayed and angered when Arielle returns to the Reservation and asks too many questions about Mack and the stolen House Post. Reuven's guilt and anguish are intensified by the knowledge that the savage wolf attack which disfigured his daughter Evaline was really divine retribution against his actions. But Reuven is in too deep to let anyone interfere with his plans. Arielle and Carter may have to be dealt with permanently.

Accomplished author Patricia Simpson serves up another truly memorable novel with her latest spellbinder, MYSTIC MOON. Ms. Simpson continues to grow and thrill her fans with each new release. (May, 356 pp, $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith