Roseanne Bittner retains her title as a premier Indian romance writer with this second book in her series. Her intuitive understanding of a distant culture and her talent in bringing it to the page make MYSTIC VISIONS poignant and startling.

The Mystic saga continues with the love story of Star Dancer and Stalking Wolf, now known as Buffalo Dreamer and Rising Eagle. In the tradition of the Lakota, their names have changed with their growth and status as leaders of their people.

Blessed by the magic of the mystical white buffalo, Buffalo Dreamer receives a vision about men in blue coats.

Warned by the visions images, Rising Eagle is reluctant to give a small band of soldiers permission to pass through Lakota territory. He does, and soon more white people come, this time bringing a deadly disease that decimates his tribe and family.

Once Rising Eagle recovers, he leads Buffalo Dreamer back to Medicine Mountain, where they have a vision that portends both destruction and redemption for their way of life. And when the next wagon train dares to cross his path, Rising Eagle finds no mercy for those he blames for his tragedies.

One of the many spoils he claims for himself is a white child. Years pass, while he and Buffalo Dreamer rebuild their family and establish a wary treaty with those white men they know will never leave their lands.

Agreeing to join in the first of the now-famed Great Smokes (Peace Treaties), Buffalo Dreamer and Rising Eagle discover that those who had tried to destroy them have found their own happiness and wish to offer an unexpected alliance.

Ms. Bittners newest tale spans an entire generation and offers her loyal fans an in-depth, provocative reading experience. In her customary style, this story is not for gentle readers or for those who may be offended by authentic details of a native peoples struggle to keep their freedom. SENSUAL (May, 316 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black