Image of Mystic Warrior: A Mystic Isle Novel (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Mystic Warrior: A Mystic Isle Novel (Signet Eclipse)

With its complex characters, Rice's last book in the Mystic Isle series pits a stubborn, seasoned warrior against an equally determined young woman. Rice combines an overview of the French Revolution, depths of emotion, mysticism and great love into one passionate and fiery story.

Four years ago Murdoch Le Droit was banished from the Isle of Aelynn, but with the death of the island's leader, the gods decree that Murdoch is their new oracle. Healer Lissandra Olympus' spirit guide urges her to find him and the elusive Chalice of Plenty and bring them home. Only Murdoch, with his extraordinary powers, can save Aelynn from destruction.

But when Lissandra finds him, he refuses to return home or believe that he is the next oracle. Murdoch cannot control his unusual gifts, nor can he control the heated sensuality that still flows between them after many years apart. Lissandra can heal his wounds, but can she heal his spirit and make him accept what is ordained by the gods? Their hearts, bodies, minds, souls and love are one. By sharing their psychic powers, will they be able to save the people and their beloved Mystic Isle of Aelynn? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond