In the final volume of the Mystic Trilogy, Rosanne Bittner brings the series full circle as readers become enmeshed once more in Rising Eagle and Buffalo Dreamers fight to protect the People.

When the sacred white buffalo robe is stolen by traders, Buffalo Dreamer fears a time of great turmoil is coming to the Lakota Sioux. As more white men pour into their lands, it is impossible to avoid war. Through the visions, she knows there will be great warriors, including her husband and son and that theres hard times ahead. Her faith is tested time and again, yet the Lakota remain steadfast in their struggle to stay free. The entwined stories of their children, also add a powerful and important aspect to the final chapter.

Few authors write about Native Americans with as much authenticity and passion as Rosanne Bittner. Readers can count on a story rich with details, charismatic characters and great depth of emotion. Readers will not only savor this trilogy, but will also place the collection with reverence on their keeper shelf. SENSUAL (May, 345 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin