The furious pacing of this novella causes a lot of confusion. The characters are indistinguishable and the fact that there are mythical creatures in outer space is never explained adequately. Furthermore, the hero and heroine's relationship does not have a chance to develop fully, as they spend very little time with each other. Overall, this novella is a confusing mishmash of science fiction and fantasy elements that do not solidify into a coherent story.

Steffi Savannah is commander of a ship that smuggles goods throughout the galaxy. When she discovers an alien vessel in deep space, she boards it, hoping to strip it of valuable parts. However, it is no ordinary ship — onboard are magical creatures of myth that should only exist in fairytales and daydreams. Among them, is Arne, a man who Steffi is immediately drawn to. But he is keeping many secrets, including his true identity. (Samhain, Feb 2010, dl. $3.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne