Hope "Nadia" Moore once lived for the adrenaline rush of CIA work in communist Russia. By 1970, motherhood and the apparent infidelity of her fellow-spy husband changed her priorities. If her child didn't need a father, she might be tempted to leave her fickle husband to the misery of a Russian gulag.

The CIA believes Michael "Mickey" Moore betrayed his country, not just his wife. To find the truth, she must again step behind the Iron Curtain and spring her husband from prison. Nadia plunges into a dark world of disguises and narrow escapes, and the closer she burrows to the truth, the more murky reality becomes.

This second in the series thrusts the reader along a fast track of adventure with all the elements of vintage romance. The authors' method of disguising the villain's identity raises an eyebrow, but it's satisfying not to be sure until the end. (Sep., 288 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson