There is so much genuine emotion in this story it will bring tears to readers' eyes. The closeness and caring that the characters show each other makes "Nailed to the Wall" an exceptional read. Frequent scorching sex scenes include menage and partner swapping, but most of all, lots of love. This novella stands out as one of the best in the Powertools series in part due to the growing relationships between the women in the group.

Now that everyone on the Powertools crew has found their partner (or in one case partners) the dynamic between the group has changed — for the better. The couples have love and lust to share, but they have also come up with tentative rules in order to deal with jealously or other issues that may arise. However, when the newest, and youngest, group member Devon starts to feel awkward about her place with the other Powertools members, the rules are thrown out the window in order to ensure that she finds fulfillment and happiness with both the men and women that have claimed her as part of their intimate "family." (SAMHAIN, May 2012, dl., $4.50)

*Web Exclusive Review* 

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne