An original tale about one woman's struggle to preserve her heritage
blended with heart-stopping rock climbing and wilderness survival, Clare's latest will likely please her die-hard fans. Unfortunately, much of the dialogue and the pivotal plot points seem contrived. And while the author definitely did her research, much of the information she provides about the Native American lifestyle feels forced.

Journalist Katherine James never knew her father, a white man, and grew up having to deal with the stigma of being half-white and half-Native American. Because of her mother's experiences with love, Kat is determined to never be with a man unless he loves her completely.

When she's caught in a rockslide, Kat is aided by fearless rock-climbing god and park ranger Gabe Rossiter. The two meet again when Gabe is called in to help with a raid on a sweat-lodge ceremony and he recognizes Kat as she's being dragged from the tent. When her grandfather is murdered, Gabe and Kat begin asking some tough questions, which winds up putting them in danger. Slowly losing his heart to this intriguing woman, Gabe must find out who wants them dead before he loses the one thing he never thought he wanted -- love. (BERKLEY, Mar., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton