Image of The Naked King (Naked Nobility)


Image of The Naked King (Naked Nobility)

MacKenzie’s Naked finale hits a high note with sexy, mischievous characters set against the backdrop of the strict mores of the Regency. Naughtiness peppers the poignant story as humor adds the right touch.

Lady Anne Marston is just trying to survive her sister’s first season when she’s caught kissing the famed King of Hearts by the worst gossip in London. So much for her plans to remain unwed! Now she must go along with the pretend engagement or her sister will be ruined. Stephen Parker-Roth has built a reputation for himself and now, because of a teensy bit of overindulgence, he finds he must do the honorable thing and wed the mysterious beauty. It should be easy to survive the Season and then disappear into his former life. Except that Lady Anne is nothing like the women he has known and she fires his lust to new heights. His heart demands that he help her resolve the past. Things take a nasty turn when Anne’s enemy threatens her life and their future. They must break all the rules before their passion can turn to true love. (ZEBRA, Jun., 338 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Emily Black