Upon his brother's death, Major Charles Draysmith acquires the title of Marquis of Knightsdale, an estate and two nieces. Now he needs a wife. He finds the perfect candidate when his childhood "shadow" Emma Peterson nearly collides with him on his return home.

Charles is determined to propose marriage. Not only will the girls get a mother they already adore, he'll have a passionate woman in his bed. The only problem: how to convince the practical vicar's daughter that she is meant for him.

With matchmaking help from their families, Emma has no hope of avoiding Charles' assault on her senses. But there is the question of why his brother was killed, the truth behind a ghostly apparition stalking the house and another determined suitor that must be solved.

With a delightfully quirky cast of characters and heated bedroom encounters, MacKenzie's latest Naked novel delivers a humorous, sprightly romance. The story will keep you smiling, but perhaps wishing for more depth of emotion. SENSUAL (Mar., 337 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin