This short story brings readers back to Cain’s The Confederacy Treaty series, as the citizens of Earth are considering making an alliance with the Confederacy. However, when the story is stripped of its alien elements, it is simply a tale about a woman overcoming abuse and the man who helps her learn to trust again. Readers will respond to Susan’s plight and the care that Asler shows her makes this a heartwarming tale.

Captain Susan Branscombe of Earth’s Starforce has just been rescued from the clutches of a brutal group of terrorists when the intergalactic Confederacy opens an investigation to see if she is guilty of treason. Alien Asler Kiis, who works for the Confederacy as an Examiner is assigned to her case. But he quickly realizes that it is difficult to remain impartial about this brilliant woman who was obviously tortured while she was held captive by terrorists. As Asler and Susan try to piece together her memories of her time as a prisoner, will they give into the lust that sparks between them? (CARINA PRESS, June 2011, dl. $3.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard