Ah, another naughty, naked hero to brighten MacKenzie’s irresistible romance. There’s plenty of sizzle, delicious repartee (filled with double entendres), excitement and mystery to satisfy anyone who needs a bit of love and laughter to brighten their day.

Lady Jane Parker-Roth is in London for her eighth season when she finds a very handsome intruder in her rented townhouse and wrestles him to the floor. Viscount Edmund Smyth is searching for an incriminating paper when he encounters Jane. In their struggle, a statue of a very well-endowed Pan is shattered and a rather unusually sensual caricature is unearthed. This is not what he was expecting, but neither is Jane. She insists on helping him find other Pans and the missing sections of the drawing. So they’re off on a scandalous quest that is getting more dangerous by the moment. While Jane and Edmund continue their hunt, they unearth a deep passion in each other as well as the possible identify of the head of a hellfire club, which could lead to their deaths. (ZEBRA, Jun., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin