Image of Nameless


Image of Nameless

The characters in Webb's dark new drama carry truckloads of emotional baggage that they must release if they are to succeed in their life-and-death trials. A complex plot and an eerily compelling villain make this fast-paced chiller outstanding reading. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

After being scapegoated by an FBI superior during a child-abduction case that turned deadly, legendary former agent Ryan McBride has descended into a morass of sex, booze and cigarettes. The arrival of rookie FBI agent Vivian Grace at Ryan's door can only mean trouble.

A child has been abducted and the kidnapper will only give his clues to Ryan. Rescuing the child is just the beginning, for this "fan" insists on raising the stakes with each new abduction. For Vivian, these kidnappings bring back dark memories of when she herself was kidnapped. Although she killed her torturer, Vivian has always suspected he did not work alone. Are past and present cases becoming entwined? (ST. MARTIN'S, Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith