Image of Nancy's Theory of Style


Image of Nancy's Theory of Style

At times annoyingly narcissistic and painfully sympathetic, Nancy’s character is flawless. A fun and engaging plot makes up for the less fully-realized supporting cast and the parts of the plot that require too much suspension of coincidental disbelief. Eugenia, Nancy’s niece, breaks the heart and steals the show.

Nancy Carrington Chambers wakes up one morning to realize that her perfectly planned future is crumbling. Her husband has become wide and vulgar, her architectural vision for her home has been taken over by wall-mounted plasma televisions and bedroom wet bars and her daddy has cut her off. Deciding to launch her own event management company, Nancy prepares to take the world by storm — until her jet-setting cousin drops her 4-year-old “niece” on her doorstep, and Nancy learns that life isn’t always about perfection and order. (GALLERY, Jun., 362 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs