Image of Nanny 911


Image of Nanny 911

NANNY 911 (4.5) by Julie Miller: The 411 is that KCPD rocks and so does Miller. She writes some of the most intense storylines and her latest entry is a smooth, nonstop ride down a rich man’s banister into a pit of violence and hatred. Somebody has a vendetta against Gallagher Security Systems CEO Quinn Gallagher, and his company and 3-year-old daughter are caught in the crossfire. KCPD SWAT Team 1 sharpshooter Randy Murdock is a commitment-phobe trying to find her place in a male-dominated team who suddenly finds herself playing nanny to Quinn’s daughter and trying to keep them both from getting killed. Falling for the sexy widower and his adorable child is not part of her assignment — until she finds she can’t walk away.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper