Image of Nanny Returns: A Novel


Image of Nanny Returns: A Novel

Readers will cheer at the chance to spend more time with the ever-multitasking Nan from The Nanny Diaries and her New York family! The high-society drama and eccentric characters stay interesting until the last page.
And Nan's deftly painted emotional responses force us all to think about
the definition of "acceptable" for
individuals and society.

Having just returned from abroad to start a family of her own, Nan should be busy overseeing the construction of her new home with Ryan. Instead she's back on the Upper East Side with a new job and old childhood friends. Then Nan is thrust back into her complex dealings with the X family. Suddenly she's the sole caretaker for the X boys and has an absentee husband and an emotionally daunting career, all while trying to inhabit her construction site of a home.

All the drama, the scandal and the gossip return. But will this final challenge convince Nan that she never wants the responsibility of motherhood? (ATRIA, Dec., 320 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan