Image of A Nantucket Christmas: A Novel


Image of A Nantucket Christmas: A Novel

Thayer’s Christmas story is as sweet and warm as a fresh-baked cookie. A heavy reliance on telling (rather than showing) what happens and a less-than-clear plot stirs up a meandering story with more feeling than substance. But a few heart-twisting moments and a yuletide miracle will get readers in the holiday mood.

Widow Nicole is newly married to Sebastian. Divorced years before, his new marriage has not gone over well with Sebastian’s adult daughter, Kennedy. Still, Nicole hopes that a holiday on the quintessentially New England Nantucket, with its beloved traditions, will bring together the two women in Sebastian’s life. The hugely pregnant Kennedy arrives with her husband and young son, bent on bringing her parents back together. Her childish attempts are foiled by Nicole who works hard to rise above her stepdaughter’s schemes. Then Sebastian’s ex-wife shows up, the little boy goes missing and a storm takes out the electricity on Christmas Eve. If there was ever a need for a holiday miracle, now is the time. (BALLANTINE, Nov., 224 pp., $18.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison