Image of Nantucket Sisters: A Novel


Image of Nantucket Sisters: A Novel

Thayer’s novel is difficult to get through because it suffers from a large amount of telling the reader what is happening, rather than showing through action and dialogue. Much of the tale takes place “off set,” which makes the pacing very slow and not very exciting. Some coincidences also seem very convenient. Romance lovers will enjoy the heartwarming conclusion to the love stories.

When Maggie and Emma meet as children in Nantucket, they come from two different worlds. Maggie is a local with a family struggling to get by. Emma is wealthy and privileged, with a summer home. Yet the two form a bond that carries them through the following years, with tumultuous love lives and personal and family struggles. Nantucket is the place that grounds them, no matter how their lives progress. (BALLANTINE, Jun., 352 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel