For six months necromancer and vampire hunter Anita Blake has stayed away from both her lovers: Jean-Claude, the Master Vampire and Richard, the werewolf Ulfric. By killing a former Alpha wereleopard, Anita became the Pards human Nimir-Ra and taking care of the wereleopards has become nearly a full-time job. When one of her most vulnerable wereleopards, Nathaniel, is captured, Anita turns to both Jean-Claude and Richard to help rescue him.

While the rescue attempt is successful, the cost is high. During the fight Anita is accidentally clawed by one of her wereleopards, which in turn may cause her to become one. Plus, Anita also seems to have inherited part of Jean-Claudes incubus, not the blood version but the sexual hunger. These added complications could be the final blow to Anitas relationship with Richard.

Also entering the picture is Nimir-Raj wereleopard Micah and his Pard. Micah is amenable to blending their two bands of leopards, but he carries a dark and dangerous secret that could threaten them all.

Dark and sensual, dangerous and provocative, this takes readers deep into the erotic and perilous world of Anita Blake. The odyssey has been a fascinating and complex one. Each new book explores new depths, horrors and emotional complexities. (Oct., 432 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith