Image of Natural Born Liar


Image of Natural Born Liar

The first book in the Mink LaRue trilogy is raunchy and nasty. Mink is a street-wise hustler looking to get over on anyone and everyone. Lovers of urban erotica will love Mink and her cast of unsavory characters.

Mink lost her gangsta boyfriend’s money to a well-hung scammer. So when a friend shows her an age-enhanced picture of a girl on a milk carton that’s a dead ringer for her, Mink heads to Dallas pretending to be the kidnapped adopted daughter of an oil tycoon. She has to convince the Dominions she is their long-lost child and worm her way into their hearts and pockets. (DAFINA, June, 309 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg