Naughty and Nice is like a box of holiday chocolates—a medley somewhat haphazardly split into “nice” and “naughty” stories. “Nice” ones are more milk chocolate: basic, satisfying love stories. “Naughty” ones are infused with sweet liqueur and plenty of scorching bedroom scenes. Of all the novellas, the best story is "Holiday Sparks" – it has a pleasant focus on two people getting to know one another and falling in love. This believable holiday tale will have you praying for a power outage. Other stories shine, too, but not as brightly. “Nice” story "All She Wants for Christmas" suffers from covering too much territory. Conversely, “Naughty” novella "Unwrapped" focuses so much on newlywed Leah’s mental hang-ups that, aside from the many erotic scenes, not much happens by way of plot. The naughtiest of them all is erotic holiday tale "Believe". The dominant/submissive pairing of couple Jude and Rori is fever hot but emotionally tasteful. It can be a challenge for erotica tinged with taboos to be classy, but this story nails it.

The sparks sure do fly in Shannon Stacey’s "Holiday Sparks". City girl Chloe Burke returns to her rural roots, blowing a fuse in her parent’s rickety home. Desperate, she calls electrician Scott Quinn for help. In "All She Wants For Christmas", country star Riley Jenson returns home for a publicity stunt and runs smack into Ethan Kent, her old flame who betrayed her. Has Ethan changed his ways? Find out in Jaci Burton’s novella. In Megan Hart’s "Unwrapped", newlyweds Leah and Brandon are taking a much-needed holiday, but when a nasty fall traps Leah inside their Colorado chalet, she’s left to question their relationship. Discover the power of love in Lauren Dane’s "Believe". After Rori’s husband was murdered, Jude was her rock and her new love—but can the couple survive the ghosts of Rori’s past marriage? (Carina Press, December 2010, dl. $9.99) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Veronica Knoll