The first collection of Spice Briefs was well worth waiting for -- the stories summarized below are the cream of the crop, but the other dozen tales by other authors are equally well written. There's something for everyone -- in terms of setting, characterization, time period and sizzle level -- and readers are getting plenty of bang for their buck (so to speak) with this tome.

In Jina Bacarr's "Tokyo Rendezvous," an ad exec tastes the pleasures of a "love hotel" in the arms of Steve, an eager and willing coworker, with unexpected results for them both.

In Sarah McCarty's "Letting Go," Becky and her husband Marc spend a romantic weekend together at a remote cabin, working on her good-girl inhibitions in bed ... and elsewhere. In Tracy Wolff's "No Apologies," Annalise sets out to prove to herself that she's not a slave to her sexual obsession with Gabe ... but he's got a few surprises for her. (SPICE, Mar., 576 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer