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Image of The Naughty Corner

While the setup between the characters is somewhat contrived, once football coach and CEO Gray Barnett starts meting out punishment to Lola Cook, all memories of how they met will be forgotten. Gray’s dominance is sexy without being overkill, and the fun these two have as their sexual relationship progresses is a breath of fresh air. The mystery subplot fleshes out the minor characters and keeps things moving between sex scenes.

Technical writer Lola is watching her troublesome twin nephews for the summer while trying to work on tight deadlines. Football camp is a welcome distraction for the twins, while the coach is a delicious distraction for her. When Coach Gray offers to let the misbehaving twins stay in the camp so long as Lola agrees to take their punishments, she accepts, only to find herself addicted to the punishment — and to Gray. (BERKLEY, Oct., 320 pp., $15.00)
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Cyndy Aleo