This anthology includes a number of very diverse and very sex-filled stories. Among these 27 erotic novellas is "Bells on Her Toes" by M. Christian, in which the ghost of Jasmine returns to haunt her lover—which he enjoys, until it dawns on him that the reason she's there may be because she can't find her way home.

Prissy is happy with life in a castle until a dove arrives with a note from a forgotten friend and a breeze seduces her with "Earthly Delights," by Florence Hoard. When Snow and her six small friends show up at a Las Vegas casino, this security guard is delighted when he is chosen to be "Lucky Number Seven," by G. Lipton.

Jack is a thief, and in "Clever Jack," by Tyler Morgan, he is out to steal the Golden Harp. But getting caught may well give him what he really wants.

Don't expect love or romance in this collection. It includes stories with same-gender sex and BDSM, and the short format leaves no room for any real story or character development. (Sep., 202 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley