Cole Helfin thought he was out of danger when the hangman removed the noose from around his neck. That's until he realizes the price he'll pay for his freedom: He must bring Marietta Stone back home.

Marietta was living her dream, singing in the Central City Opera house. The miners aren't paying to hear her shrill voice but to see her beautiful face and form. She appears a delicate darling of the stage, but when Cole abducts the little lady he discovers that she's a spitting hellion.

They have many miles to cover and plenty of dangerous territory. Marietta might be a trial, but she's also a desirable woman, and Cole does his best to stay out of temptation's way. But when Taylor Maltese, the man who showered Marietta with gifts and singing lessons, sends his men out to bring her back, the chase heats up, and so does the passion.

Nan Ryan writes an utterly delightful, fast-paced story that has just the right balance of humor, sizzling sexual tension and plenty of wild sexy escapades. NAUGHTY MARIETTA is a fun romp and what I expect from the pen of this multitalented writer—a plot and characters that will brighten your day and make the night sizzle. VERY SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin