Image of Naughty In Nice (A Royal Spyness Mystery)


Image of Naughty In Nice (A Royal Spyness Mystery)

It’s another delightful, unmissable installment in the Royal Spyness series. Bowen captures the cheeky humor and charm of the Lost Generation, ladling in a healthy dose of dry British wit and fundamental common sense.

Lady Georgiana Rannoch, 34th in line to the throne, is sent to Nice by the queen to recover a stolen snuffbox. Georgie finds herself in the company of Coco Chanel, who asks her to model her latest fashion, but when the royal necklace she’s to wear is stolen on the catwalk, Georgie has two valuable items to retrieve. Then there’s the problem of the murdered man and her arrest, which could put a serious crimp in her romantic life. (PRIME CRIME, Sep., 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper