The Pleasure Seekers series continues with this sensual tale of temptation, love and vengeance. Dressed as a boy, Lady Francine "Fancy" Fitz Hugh is trying to find evidence that will help her friend avoid an unwanted marriage.

Lucien Kendall is fascinated watching a little thief rifle a drunk's pockets. But fascination becomes anger when the thief bashes him over the head for asking a few questions. He's surprised when he visits his ward, the girl who's been called "an incorrigible chit" by the ton, and notices she looks remarkably like his attacker.

Lucien appears the perfect rake. Few know of the scars and deep emotional wounds he carries that have him lusting for revenge against his family's killer.

By becoming embroiled in Fancy's schemes to save her friend, Lucien un-covers a remarkable young woman whose love can heal him and help him put aside his hate.

With an angst-ridden, sexy, alpha-male hero and a spunky, delightful, adventurous heroine, a fast pace and a grand cast of secondary characters, this is one of the most luscious romances of the season.

George keeps you glued to the pages, following Fancy's roller-coaster-ride escapades, and there is no way you can be immune to Lucien's sensuality. You're guaranteed to get your pleasure from this read! SENSUAL (Dec., 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin