Image of Nauti and Wild (Nauti Boys)


Image of Nauti and Wild (Nauti Boys)

These two authors prove once again why they are at the top of the erotic genre. These motorcycle-themed novellas are complete stories, not just chopped-up sex scenes with minimal dialogue. Burton’s story especially is put together masterfully; it’s a job well done.

“Nauti Kisses” by Leigh is the final installment in the Nauti series and centers on John Calvin Walker, Jr., Rogue’s brother. After relocating to Lake Cumberland, Ky., John finds peace, but he misses the woman he’s loved for years. Sierra has been part of his life since her birth. John left her in Boston because of his feelings for her. But after she’s attacked, his father (and her godfather) feels that she would be safer in John’s care until the attacker is caught. John decides that it’s time to stop running. Sierra is still angry at John for leaving. Their coming together is explosive, funny and complete. Burton’s “Riding the Edge” returns federal agent Rick Benetti to his motorcycle-riding roots in Las Vegas. Assigned to watch and return Ava Vargas to her senator father, Rick also investigates Ava’s ties with Rick’s old gang. Ava’s determined to bring her childhood friend Lacey back to her former life, as Lacey is headed down a destructive path with Rick’s cousin, Bo. (HEAT, Aug., 343 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins