Image of Nauti Nights (The Nauti Trilogy, Book 2)


Image of Nauti Nights (The Nauti Trilogy, Book 2)

Book two of the Nauti trilogy is a hot and arousing story with a suspenseful plot. The main characters are well developed, emotionally flawed and haunted by past events. Some readers may be put off by the hero, who uses blackmail to get a woman into his bed. But those who like bad boys won't be disappointed.

Christa Jansen left town because the man she loved hurt her badly. James "Dawg" Mackay was drunk when he took her virginity and told her he wanted a threesome with his cousins. When Christa returns home years later, Dawg pursues her relentlessly. She manages to avoid him until someone sets her up to take the fall in a terrorist plot. Now the only one who can help her is the man who broke her heart eight years ago. But Dawg's help comes with a price tag, and Christa can't afford what it will cost her. (heat, Nov., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski