A “type A” man is nothing new, but two men who quickly figure out that their women are to be protected and loved are. Each hero is named Jed, and that’s just one thing they have in common. They’re also not afraid to face their feelings.

“Nauti Siren” by Leigh introduces the next Nauti girl, Piper. When she has an opportunity to promote her clothing designs in New York, she discovers that trouble is never far from the Mackays. Jed, another agent, is there to bring her home. They’ve been trying to define their relationship, but he understands her need to spread her wings and is willing to stand with her as she faces her brother, Dawg. “Riding the Sunset” by Burton introduces new member Jed to the Wild Riders. He is given the task of protecting their group leader’s niece, Elena. Elena is no shrinking violet, but how much of the truth should he tell her? They grow close quickly, but the danger is closer than anyone realizes. (HEAT, Apr., 324 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins