Image of Navajo Courage


Image of Navajo Courage

NAVAJO COURAGE (4) by Aimee Thurlo: Tribal Police detective Luca Nakai, the son of the local medicine man, travels to Albuquerque to team up with city detective Valerie Jonas. They're trying to catch a serial killer who's using Navajo magic to commit his crimes. Talkative and diminutive, Valerie is an anathema to Luca, as a softly feminine, completely dedicated cop who isn't sure she believes in Navajo magic. It will take their disparate styles to find the evil stalking the city. Meanwhile, the flames between them are burning. Thurlo's knowledge of Navajo lore provides a perfectly realistic setting for this creepy story about a maniac and two dedicated cops from different worlds.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper