Image of Navarro's Promise (A Novel of the Breeds)


Image of Navarro's Promise (A Novel of the Breeds)

A key element to Leigh’s long-running Breeds series has been the concept of the nearly unbreakable mating bond. In this latest book that theory is put to the test, painfully so for the heroine. With Navarro, Leigh brings forth a hero whose recessive wolf Breed genes may be throwing out the rule book, leading to great emotional turmoil. A sizzlingly emotional roller coaster!

Although human, Mica Toler has been around Breeds for much of her life. Her best friend is gifted Breed Cassie Sinclair. Since she was a teenager, Mica has been fascinated by Navarro Blaine, the enigmatic Wolf enforcer. When mad scientist Phillip Brandenmore escapes his cell, his allies make an attempt to capture Mica, planning to use her to get at Cassie. Luckily, Mica escapes their clutches and is rescued by Navarro. With the threat looming, Mica and Navarro head to Sanctuary, where their smoldering attraction roars to life. But Navarro doesn’t exhibit many of the markers that indicate the mating bond. If Navarro is not committed, is Mica destined to have her heart shattered? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Apr., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith