Image of Nearly a Lady (Berkley Sensation)


Image of Nearly a Lady (Berkley Sensation)

This humorous gem of a story will delight those yearning for a sweet and hot love story with plenty of witty repartee and touching romance. Johnson hits the mark as she charms with her engaging characters and passionate love story.

Ex-soldier Lord Gideon Haverston isn’t looking for trouble, but he finds it when he discovers he’s responsible for one Winnefred Blythe. Since her father’s death Freddie has been living frugally making ends meet as best she can on a small allowance. Gideon arrives at her doorstep to right a wrong; his stepmother cheated Freddie out of the money she was due. But instead of seeing Gideon as a hero, Freddie views him as everything she hates about society. Gideon has to find a way to tame the wildcat. Soon Gideon finds himself helping imprisoned smugglers, the village folk and Freddie’s friend and companion, Lily (who loved Gideon’s brother). From verbal battles to searing kisses Freddie and Gideon form an uneasy truce, but memories of the war haunt Gideon and only Freddie can soothe his troubled mind and teach him to find the peace he needs to accept her love. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jun., 315 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin