At times, this is a very funny book. Kendrick does an excellent job of depicting how in-laws, stepchildren and even the holidays can threaten a newly married couple's happiness. Stella, Erin and Casey are likable, but they're not especially well-developed characters. Similarly, their respective spouses are not developed much beyond their flaws, and it becomes hard for the reader to invest any emotion or care about
their dilemmas.

What would you do if you discovered that your new marriage wasn't legal? That's the dilemma facing three very different women whose new marriages have been anything but happy. The three meet and bond over their predicament. The book follows their attempts to deal with the reality of the men (and families) they married and decide if they will stay or head for greener pastures. (DOWNTOWN PRESS, Nov., 384 pp. $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider